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Kim Carrington

Kim Carrington - Legal Assistant
Kim joined me in February of 2008. She is a native Austinite. Most of my calls are routed thru her, as are settings, scheduling and appointments. She is polite, smart, efficient and fun.



Tom Miller

Tom Miller - Legal Assistant
Tom has been my friend since shortly after I moved back to Austin in 1984. Like Kim, he was born and raised right here in Austin. This is a second career for him, and he has taken to it quickly. He is exceedingly helpful and polite.



Shaunn Fox

Shaunn Fox
My daughter, Shaunn Fox, works part-time as a receptionist, secretary and personal assistant. she’s a design major at Texas State University. She’s clever and quick and helps keep me on task. I’m honored that she wants to “hang” with me as much as she does. A big plus is that she can read my handwriting.



Mykal Fox

Mykal Fox
Mykal is my oldest brother’s son and presently the lone heir to carry the Fox name to the future. After graduating from the University of Texas he worked here full time for two years, after four years of part-time work. He is presently attending South Texas College of Law. He earned an A+ in criminal law, which I consider to be a personal victory. He plans to return to Austin, and as he says, “take over the business.” He’s a natural and I look forward to his return.




We employ others - one "runner" at all times, sometimes two or three. They are generally students who keep irregular and unpredictable hours.


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